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DSMIG-USA Membership

MEMBERSHIP Eligibility

Members of this DSMIG-USA are professionals from a variety of disciplines who provide care to individuals with Down syndrome and/or their families. This may include physicians, scientists, psychologists, nurses, genetic counselors, educators, therapists, clinic coordinators and related health professionals. Members may also include individuals who engage in research or health policy relevant to Down syndrome. Most members work in specialized Down syndrome clinics, at academic institutions, university- and community-based medical centers, or private practice. Students, Residents, Fellows and other Trainees are welcome to join.

Participation in DSMIG-USA fosters professional growth through the dissemination of information about evidence-based practice, and shared common experiences that inform best practices in the care of individuals with Down syndrome.

Membership Benefits

Your annual membership with the Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group - USA includes:

    • Reduced registration fee for the DSMIG-USA Annual Symposium.
    • Access to the members only section of the DSMIG-USA website.  Content will include: DSMIG-USA news updates, membership directory, presentation handouts from our annual clinical symposia, a clinic coordinators discussion group and topic-specific discussion groups and more.
    • Qualified members can participate on the DSMIG-USA List Serve to discuss and ask clinical questions.
    • Receive a DSMIG-USA newsletter to learn of news, research studies, published articles, and more.

If you are not a DSMIG-USA member but you would like to receive information about DSMIG news, education opportunities, and other activities, click here to complete a short form to be added to our email list!

Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group-USA

DSMIG-USA is a 501(3)(c) Organization

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