Submissions for Poster Presentations 2019 

The Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group (DSMIG-USA®) Annual Symposium will be on Friday-Saturday June 28-29 2019 at the David L. Lawrence Convention center in Pittsburgh, PA.  We are inviting submission of posters to be displayed at the DSMIG-USA® Symposium. You must register for the Annual Symposium if you are planning to display a poster.

You can find information about the symposium and registration on the University of Wisconsin CME registration page 

REGISTRATION opens on March 25th

We also hope that by having a more social venue for the exchange of information and experience that this will be a fun-time as well. We are asking presenters to set-up and display their posters on Thursday night June 27th prior to the social reception planned for that evening. This will give us maximum time to appreciate your work.


You may wish to consider submitting:

  • New clinical research findings 
  • A critical review of the literature. We are especially welcoming of topics concerning Regression and Adult Health
  • A case presentation-especially if related to one of the Symposium topics
  • A new program initiative or informational update    

This year we are again soliciting both Research Posters and Informational Posters 

Research Posters Data which is acquired using a research design including clinical trials, cohort studies, chart reviews, literature reviews, surveys, case series, etc. We are anticipating that a number of research posters will address Adult Health Care as DSMIG-USA continues to work toward the development of Adult Health Guidelines as discussed at the 2014-18 Symposia. These posters will be displayed together under their own theme.   

Informational Posters Descriptions of new initiatives, program updates, special projects and other announcements or updates, which do not use a research design, will be considered under the theme of information sharing. These informational posters will also be displayed together under their own theme.

If you are interested in submitting a poster you’ll need to know the following:

  • Please submit a brief abstract (~200 words) so it can be reviewed by the Symposium committee.
  • Indicate whether it is a research or informational poster abstract.
  • Provide full names of all authors, and underline corresponding authors name
  • Please send a signed release form with your Abstract. Download release form from the Poster submission tab under 2019 Symposium in the main menu 

 Email Abstracts to:  George Capone and Nicole Baumer and David Stein 


  • Abstract submissions are due no later than 12 Noon Friday April 19th 2019
  • Please submit a **signed release form** with your Abstract  download release form here
  • You will be notified of the committee’s decision promptly.
  • Pre-formatted Poster templates in power-point are available download templates here 
  • All ePosters (in Powerpoint) must be submitted no later than 12 Noon Monday May 20th 2019
  • We will ask for your permission to post your ePoster on our DSMIG-USA website for members to view after the Symposium is over.
  • You will still need to print out the actual poster (2.5 x 3.5 ft)  for display at the Symposium

Email ePosters to:  George Capone and David Stein and

A committee member is available upon request to provide individual guidance to you during the poster preparation process.  Just email George, Nicole or David directly 

Research abstracts should include: 

Title, Authors full names (underscore the Corresponding Author

Corresponding Author (provide email address)

Organization, Department or Clinic Affiliation 

Brief Introduction, Aims, Design, Methods, Main Results, Conclusion, References  


Informational abstracts should include: 

Title, Authors (underscore the Corresponding Author

Corresponding Author (provide email address)

Organization, Department or Clinic Affiliation 

Brief summary of your program announcement   

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