Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

DSMIG-USA is a group of health professionals committed to promoting 
the optimal health care and wellness of individuals with DS across the lifespan.

To accomplish this, DSMIG-USA will: 
Educate professionals on the latest research and comprehensive care regarding DS 
Facilitate networking among health professionals caring for individuals with DS 
Support development of DS clinics 
Identify and disseminate best practices of care. 


The vision of DSMIG-USA is a world in which all persons with DS have access to optimal health care from professionals who have knowledge and expertise regarding the full spectrum of their health and wellness needs, are guided by evidence-based standards of care and have access to current information about state-of-the-art interventions and research results.  All persons with DS should be supported to function at their full potential in all aspects of life and participate in their own health and wellness. 


DSMIG-USA believes all individuals with Down syndrome

Are worthy of quality health care in age-appropriate medical homes and of living a rich, full life
Can strive for wellness and are able to be active participants in their health care to the degree at which they can engage in decision making
Should receive high quality, interdisciplinary care from professionals using the highest standards of professional ethics and objective and evidence-based information. 

Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group-USA

DSMIG-USA is a 501(3)(c) Organization

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