2017 Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group-USA (DSMIG-USA) Annual Symposium

July 21st, 2017

Sheraton Grand, Sacramento, CA

This symposium provides an interdisciplinary forum for sharing of knowledge and experiences related to clinical care of children and adults with Down syndrome, clinical research related to Down syndrome, and development of Down syndrome clinics.

Intended Audience: Healthcare providers and researchers with a special interest in the care of persons with Down syndrome including, but not limited to: Primary Care Physicians, Specialty Physicians, Research Scientists, Physician Assistants, Nurses/Nurse Practitioners, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Psychologists, Dietitians, Social Workers, Trainees, and Down Syndrome Clinic Coordinators.


Find out more: http://dsmig.pediatrics.wisc.edu    


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This year’s program covers a wide range of pediatric and adult topics including:

Cancer Screening for Adults

Hip and Spine Conditions

Alzheimer Disease and Aging 

Strategies to Enhance Learning

Predicting Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sensory Issues

Psychiatric Issues and Psychopharmacology

Preventative and Gynecologic Care

And more….


Planned schedule of activities:

Thursday, July 20,2017 (evening)

Members Meeting

Welcome Reception and poster viewing 


Friday, July 21, 2017

Annual Symposium (full day)

Clinic Coordinators Meeting (evening)


Saturday, July 22, 2017 (morning)

Adult Health Care Guidelines Workgroup

Regression Workgroup



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