Growth Charts of Mexican Children with Down syndrome

Leila Bonillo Suarez

Behavioral Health of People with Mosaic Down Syndrome

Ruth C. Brown, PhD

DSFit: A pilot program to assess the impact of a multi-week supported exercise program on fitness and symptoms of anxiety and depression in adolescents with Down Syndrome

Margaret Hojlo, BA

Anxiety Disorders in a Clinical Cohort of Children with Down Syndrome and Behavioural Problems

Luke D. Kardell

Directory of Medical Resources for Diagnosis & Treatment of Catatonia in DS 

Judith H. Miles, MD, PhD

Making a Splash! The Benefits of Group Aquatic Therapy for Young Children with Down Syndrome

Helen Ann Milligan, MPT, C/NDT

Understanding the Relationship between Psychosocial Factors and Unexplained Regression in Individuals with Down Syndrome 

Anna Milliken, BA

Comparing Quality of Life in Families with Children with Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or a DS+ASD Diagnosis

Cara Soccorso, PsyD

Clinical characteristics, prenatal diagnosis, and neonatal complications in infants with Down syndrome: What is driving the need for ICU care?

Katelyn M. Seither, MD

The Impact of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics in a Pediatric Down Syndrome Clinic

Daphna Shaw, DNP, PNP-C

Dual Diagnosis Down Syndrome and Autism: A Survey of Caregiver Experiences

Alyssa Bianca Velasco, MD

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Down Syndrome Research Resources from the National Institutes of Health (NIH): DS-Connect® and the Registry Professional Portal

Sujata Bardhan, PhD

Preliminary Recommendations for Effective Outreach and Engagement in the Down Syndrome Community

Ann D. Cohen, Phd

Prevalence of Cancer in a Large Population of Individuals with Down Syndrome

Veronica Fitzpatrick, DrPH, MPH

Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease in a Large Population of Individuals with Down Syndrome

Veronica Fitzpatrick, DrPH, MPH

Prevalence of Common Conditions in a Large Population of Individuals with Down Syndrome

Veronica Fitzpatrick, DrPH, MPH

Assessment of Down syndrome-associated Arthritis: A Survey of Down syndrome Clinic Providers

Jordan T. Jones, DO

Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder in Down Syndrome: A Case Report

Stephanie Kerswill, MD

Evaluation of Obesity Treatments in Adults with Down Syndrome: Grading the Evidence and Identifying Research Gaps  

Judy Lu Kim, MD

Patient and Caregiver Reported Health Priorities for Adults with Down Syndrome

Judy Lu Kim, MD

Progress on the INCLUDE Project at the National Institutes of Health (NIH): Advancing Cohort Studies and Clinical Trials in Down Syndrome

Melissa A. Parisi, MD, PhD

Hypothyroidism in a patient with Down syndrome – Not what you might expect!

Mary M. Stephens MD, MPH

Evaluation of transition from pediatric to adult care in patients with Down syndrome: Grading the evidence and identifying research gaps

Mary M. Stephens, MD, MPH

Evaluating the Utility of Cervical Flexion-Extension Imaging Prior to Endotracheal Intubation in Children with Down Syndrome

Jay Subramoney

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