DSMIG - USA Annual Symposium

July 13-14, 2018    Dallas,Texas  

Registration for the DSMIG-USA 2018 Annual Symposium is now open!

The symposium provides an interdisciplinary forum for sharing of knowledge and experiences related to clinical care of children and adults with Down syndrome, clinical research related to Down syndrome, and development of Down syndrome clinics.

The 2018 Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group-USA (DSMIG-USA) Annual Symposium will take place July 13, 2018 at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel in Dallas, TX




This year’s Symposium covers:


Otolaryngologic Manifestations

- Endocrine Conditions and Anthropometrics

Keratoconus and Other Ophthalmologic Conditions

- Healthcare Transition Planning

- Video Modeling and Health Self-Promotion

- Complimentary and Alternative Therapies

- Foot Conditions

- Technology to Optimize Healthcare

Research Updates/Top Articles from the past year 

Other Activities: Thursday, July 12th to Saturday, July 14th

Members Meeting

Welcome Reception and Poster Viewing

Clinic Coordinators Meeting


Workgroup Meetings: 

Adult Health Care;  Adult Regression; and DS-ASD 



DSMIG-USA Annual Symposium July 13-14, 2018 Sheraton Dallas Hotel

Members of this DSMIG-USA are professionals from a variety of disciplines who provide care to individuals with Down syndrome and/or their families. This may include physicians, scientists, psychologists, nurses, genetic counselors, educators, therapists, clinic coordinators, and related health professionals. Members may also include individuals who engage in research or health policy relevant to Down syndrome. Most members work in specialized Down syndrome clinics, at academic institutions, university- and community-based medical centers, or private practice. Students, Residents, Fellows and other Trainees are welcome to join.


World Down Syndrome Congress July 24-27, 2018 Glasgow, Scotland. visit: http://wdsc2018.co.uk

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