Who are the members of DSMIG-USA?

DSMIG-USA® is a group of health professionals committed to promoting the optimal health care and wellness of individuals with Down syndrome (DS) across the lifespan. Members of this DSMIG-USA are professionals from a variety of disciplines who provide care to individuals with Down syndrome and/or their families. This may include physicians, scientists, psychologists, nurses, genetic counselors, educators, therapists, clinic coordinators, and related health professionals. Members may also include individuals who engage in research or health policy relevant to Down syndrome. Most members work in specialized Down syndrome clinics, at academic institutions, university- and community-based medical centers, or private practice. Students, Residents, Fellows and other Trainees are welcome to join.

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The Benefits of Membership

Joining DSMIG-USA provides you a unique opportunity to connect, learn and grow. Your membership in this dynamic community includes everything from reduced registration fee for the DSMIG-USA Annual Symposium to exclusive access to the members-only section of the DSMIG-USA website, where a wealth of valuable resources awaits. For those seeking a platform for professional collaboration and knowledge sharing, qualified members can engage in discussions and seek expert advice on clinical questions, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and insights.  

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Discover expert-crafted educational content across various subjects from a DSMIG curated Speaker Series to webinars on how to get your own Down Syndrome Clinic started. Check out our vibrant learning community and stay updated on best-in-class education. Explore our Learning Library for recorded content or explore some of our upcoming free CME events like Project ECHO. 

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