2024 DSMIG-USA Annual Symposium

The Annual Symposium Committee of the Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group - USA is currently accepting abstracts to be presented at our next Annual Symposium in Phoenix on July 26, 2024.

Deadline to submit speaker abstracts is November 20! Submit below for your chance to present at the Annual Symposium!

We are looking for evidence-based presentations. All submissions are welcome, but suggested speaker topics include panel presentations about a specific topic, either including multiple disciplines or offering a lifespan approach from similar disciplines. Preference will be given to presentation styles utilizing collaborative and interactive case-based learning for clinically applicable topics.

Proposals will be scored/chosen according to the degree to which: 
  • The submitted proposal is thoughtfully and thoroughly completed. 
  • The presentation is relevant and timely. 
  • Speaker demonstrates relevant experience and expertise. 
  • Presentation will provide new and valuable information. 
  • Presentation does not focus on a particular product or service. 
  • Speakers exemplify cultural awareness and sensitivity in the presentation of their knowledge/work.
  • Multi-speaker sessions include a variety of experts and/or stakeholders. 

Presenters participate as volunteers and as such are not compensated for their participation in DSMIG-USA events. Presenters are expected to meet all deadlines for submission of materials and information related to their sessions, as outlines in the presenter packet. Presenters are expected to use people first language. Presenters are expected to share key take away points/messages within the context of their presentation or at the end. 

DSMG-USA may audio or video record sessions or take photographs during the event. Presenters agree to have their likeness included in any DSMIG-USA media for promotional uses after the event.